Plush Toys

Not only incredibly soft but incredibly awesome Angry Birds Plush Toys!

  1. Red Bird Plush Toy

    Red Bird Plush Toy

    Red: The leader of the flock. This plush toy is a must-have for each and every Angry Birds fan.

  2. Bubbles Plush Toy

    Bubbles Plush Toy

    Though small and cute, Bubbles can inflate himself into a huge balloon. This plush toy shows the situation before the big puff!

  3. Hal Plush Toy

    Hal Plush Toy

    Hal is easy to identify from the other birds with his massive beak.

  4. Bomb Bird Plush Toy

    Bomb Bird Plush Toy

    Bomb is able to explode at will and just loves to blow things up. Get your very own happy-go-lucky Bomb plush toy!

  5. Minion Pig Plush Toy

    Minion Pig Plush Toy

    The Minion Pigs may be the weakest of the pigs, but beware, they find strength in numbers!

    These cute and cuddly plush toys are perfect for Angry Birds fans of all ages.

    Get a few, why don’t you?

  6. Luke Skywalker Bird Plush Toy

    Luke Skywalker Bird Plush Toy

    Luke, I’m your… feather, right?

    Anyway, this plush toy is a legend.

  7. Terebacca Plush Toy

    Terebacca Plush Toy

    Terebacca is Ham Solo’s co-pilot and mechanic. Seems to be emotionless and communicates only by grunting and staring

  8. Chuck Plush Toy

    Chuck Plush Toy

    Chuck is Red’s loyal friend and the fastest of the Birds. He acts before he thinks and this often lands him in trouble.

  9. The Blues Plush Toy

    The Blues Plush Toy

    Meet the Blues: Jim, Jake & Jay are the youngest and the pranksters of the birds.

  10. Corporal Pig Plush Toy

    Corporal Pig Plush Toy

    Corporal pig is the loyal leader of the King’s army. He tirelessly leads his troops from failure to failure.

  11. King Pig Plush Toy

    King Pig Plush Toy

    King pig  is the ruler of all pigs. Easily identifiable from his shiny crown.

  12. Terence Plush Toy

    Terence Plush Toy

    Terence is the perfect example of a strong silent type. Nobody really knows what goes on in his head as he rarely speaks.