Plush Toys

Not only incredibly soft but incredibly awesome Angry Birds Plush Toys!

  1. Bubbles Plush Toy

    Bubbles Plush Toy

    Though small and cute, Bubbles can inflate himself into a huge balloon. This plush toy shows the situation before the big puff!

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  2. Stella Bird Plush Toy

    Stella Bird Plush Toy

    Looks can fool you: Stella might look like a chick in need of rescuing, but her feisty character is far from a helpless girl!

    Now available as a cuddly plush toy in various sizes.

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  3. Red Bird Plush Toy

    Red Bird Plush Toy

    Red: The leader of the flock. This plush toy is a must-have for each and every Angry Birds fan.

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  4. Yoda Bird Plush Toy

    Yoda Bird Plush Toy

    No Angry Birds Star Wars collections is complete without Yoda – the Jedi trainer of Luke Skywalker and Grand Master of the Jedi Council!

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  5. Foreman Pig Plush Toy

    Foreman Pig Plush Toy

    Foreman Pig is the the self-confident but incompetent supervisor of the Pigs’ contraptions.

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  6. Chuck Plush Toy

    Chuck Plush Toy

    Chuck is Red’s loyal friend and the fastest of the Birds. He acts before he thinks and this often lands him in trouble.

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  7. The Blues Plush Toy

    The Blues Plush Toy

    Meet the Blues: Jim, Jake & Jay are the youngest and the pranksters of the birds.

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  8. Corporal Pig Plush Toy

    Corporal Pig Plush Toy

    Corporal pig is the loyal leader of the King’s army. He tirelessly leads his troops from failure to failure.

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  9. King Pig Plush Toy

    King Pig Plush Toy

    King pig  is the ruler of all pigs. Easily identifiable from his shiny crown.

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  10. Terence Plush Toy

    Terence Plush Toy

    Terence is the perfect example of a strong silent type. Nobody really knows what goes on in his head as he rarely speaks.

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  11. Bubbles Plush Toy Inflated

    Bubbles Plush Toy Inflated

    This is what Bubbles looks like when he’s angry!

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  12. Matilda Plush Toy

    Matilda Plush Toy

    Matilda loves nature and tries to find a peaceful solutions to problems. See for yourself if this is true with this plush toy.

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