Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions that you frequently ask yourself? Fear not, for you may also contact us directly!

What is the Angry Birds Showroom?

The Angry Birds Showroom is where you can discover all kinds of official licensed Angry Birds stuff like toys, games, apparel and loads more! Our goal is to highlight the bestest, awesomest and wackiest stuff that's ever come out of Piggy Island and then direct our fans to online retailers carrying these items.

Who is the seller?

The Showroom is not a store, but it does provide links to sites where you can buy all this awesome Angry Birds stuff. We use the "Buy from..." Or "Sold by..." tags to show you easily which manufacturers or retailers are selling the items. Please note that we are unable to verify the reputation and reliability of all third-party retailers. For more information on the relationships between Rovio and the sellers, please contact the Showroom team here!

Who should I contact concerning availability, shipping, returns and other similar questions?

We do not stock or sell any of these products ourselves. Please direct your product-related questions directly to the manufacturer or retailer that is selling (or has sold you) the items in question.

Where can I find more products?

Links usually go to the manufacturer or retailers entire Angry Birds offering, so it's likely you'll find even more cool stuff from their site. Our list of global partners and retailers is steadily growing, so do stop by every now and then to see the latest additions!